by Ryan Christopher Dean

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- I made the settings on this for free download only. I don't want a dime and I'm sure everyone involved would agree on this- if you like it and would have considered buying it for a buck, please donate a buck to Planned Parenthood instead. Thank you and love to all.
- This is the only B-Side written and recorded during the "It Finds Us" era
- Years had passed while writing and recording all the other songs on the album. This one didn't feel nearly as relevant when it was finally time to finalize, sequence, and master the album. It also didn't fit in thematically with the rest of the album and I thought maybe one day it could find its way to a 7-inch, but this will suffice.
- It feels too relevant today.


I have nursed every small cut
with alcohol, sleep and time
remnants of each sharp realization,
when all I’ve known gets misaligned

Pried apart
when equations don’t balance right,
or by endless strings of reciprocity
tied to everything with an eye

Newspaper headlines speak in outdoor voices
cold war! culture war!
can't come to consensus,
what it is we're fighting, or fighting for

cleanse each sin with each revision,
purify the lens with politician piss

Turn your head away if by mistake
you catch a glimpse, some ghost reflection

Appalled at what we have become
we don’t change a thing, we just look less often
we don’t change a thing, we just look less often
we don’t change a thing

I rewrote my thesis on Dracula’s teething
I watched the bombs explode,
a newsflash First World screening

I rewrote my thesis on Dracula’s teething
I watched the bombs explode
a newsflash First World screening

All we are is ammunition
in an age of with or against us,
what we are- second hand citizens,
in a Police State of the Union,
sell me lies, what is criminal?
slice my eyes, what is criminal?
steal our rights- ALL IS ANIMAL.


released January 19, 2017
Adam Baker- Digital Wizardry, Backup Vocals
Seth Beard- Drums
Ryan Dean- Vocals, Electric and Acoustic Guitars, Bass on first half, Electric Reed Organ, Autoharp, Harmonica, Additional Drums
Leah Gibson- Cello
Kerri Lowe- Choir Vocals
Whit Wright- Pedal Steel
Dave Yarwood- Theremin, Bass on second half

Recording - Mike Robinson
Additional Recording - Adam Baker, Ryan Dean
Mixing - Adam Baker
Mastering - Brent Lambert at Kitchen Mastering



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